Faye Hammond Consultancy is combining with Care Quantum experts to include expert witness report writing services. Faye Hammond has been completing expert witness reports since 2013 and is able to provide reports on care and equipment quantum. The reports are specific to each case covering both personal injury and clinical negligence litigation. Faye is able to use her ongoing Care and Case management experience to provide clinically current costings and care models to suit the variety of claimants and injuries. For further discussion regarding report options and deferred payment options please email faye@fhconsult.co.uk.

Care, Quantum and Case Management

Our Service Branches

Faye Hammond and her team have developed each branch of the business in order to support clients, customers and the wider treating MDT, responding to reported challenges within the industry, making us the first port of call for many early instruction as well as to step in and take on more complicated cases where a fresh approach may be required. Each branch works in isolation to each other to avoid conflict of interest and we are able to support other independent Case Managers with care packages, bringing our awareness of litigation and reporting processes, to ease the overall case pathway.